Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of the Office -- HA!

When you read this we will be on a boat on the Amazon, first going downriver a bit to visit a community there, then up into the tributaries of the Tapajós River, where we will visit other developing communities and go on a hike in the rain forest. Our website will be updated (we hope) on Saturday, January 24. Sorry we didn't finish whole blogposts for today yet. We will post them on Saturday.

Huge day today, including finishing our work on the construction site, to everyone's amazement (including ours). Speaking gig at the local university, more basketball on the banks of the Amazon, a HUGE tropical storm that flooded the streets and our camp (everyone's okay), and packing for our river voyage. Please forgive us for being out of touch.

Today's purple biker was Alec Tappin, who saved Shana Dhillon from an almost-painful fall off of a hammock. (Can you imagine after all we've done in the past few weeks if our biggest injury was from a hammock accident?) Alec's cat-like reflexes (maybe he's been watching his own beloved cat, Puma) saved the day, as Shana tipped toward a full flip, but he caught her and righted her before most people even realized anything was happening. Alec is a treat to have around no matter what, as he is about a foot taller than most Brazilians. He is quite a spectacle (and very handy when we are trying to put up a new roof!) He's also just a wonderful, lovable person, so we are blessed to have him among us.

Tomorrow's Purple Biker: Joey Cacciatore. He was AMAZING on the basketball court tonight! Everywhere the opponents let the ball fly, Joey was there to snatch it away. His great athleticism tonight makes him worthy of the Purple Bike, along with his overall good humor and his easy comfort when working with the kids. Thanks, Joey!


blossum said...

I sure will miss you guys. We look forward to hearing from you everyday. You present a wonderful commentary of your purpose, your enthusiasm, your sense of community, not only amongst the children and people of Brazil but amongst yourselves. I dread the day you will have to leave. It will be oh so heartbreaking for both you and the people there. Your blog is truly wonderfully preented for both venues. Thank you.

dblanchard said...

Hello All- It sounds like your time in Brasil has been very productive and extremely fun. It appears like you all are placing a lasting impression on all of your students lives. That must feel good that you are being recognized by the media.

I have some questions: Joe, did you forget to pack a shirt in your luggage? How did you boys lose a basketball game with Air Alec? Is Chris Verrips actually there because I have not seen him in any pictures?

Well, I hope you all are having fun on the boat. I hope those Brazilians teach those lacrosse boys a real sport.

PS. Don't forget to thank Shawny for providing this experience because you will miss it as soon as you are stuck in 108 Dante listening to a lecture.

Tim said...

Hey all, great work and way to get some basketball into the mix down there. I hope the trip down the river is productive and a great experience. This blog is great, though I admit I've got to catch up a ways with everything, life's busy in Mexico.

Over here in Cuernavaca, we'll be starting a service project with the local Lasallian school for an underprivileged population. Profe Ramirez is hoping that we can make a multimedia project to capture what we'll be doing, perhaps even a blog like this one. I'll be sure to show everyone this awesome work and ask for advice if we need it!

Paz y amor (what's that in Portuguese?)

Tim H.

Anonymous said...

We miss ALL of you and the wonderful, wacky adventures of the SMC crew. Imagining the peace of sleeping in the hammocks at night on the water under the stars must be an experience in itself. You all will have a bond that most never know in their entire lifetime. Can't wait to hear the updates and would love to know how Joey rode the Purple bike on the boat. (just kidding...) Love to all, you are in our heart and we keep you in our prayers. Marie and Joey, hugs and kisses. Lots of Love, Momma and Daddy ( Cacciatore)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!! I'm sure you're having a positively splendid time, congrats! :-)