Friday, December 12, 2008

Poverty and Promise in Northeastern Brazil

Though Northeastern Brazil is one of the most beautiful regions in the Americas, it is also among the poorest. In the areas along the Amazon River and its tributaries, residents live in dirt-floored huts with only one central pump to serve as a source of clean water for an entire community. Our group will study the socioeconomics of the region during a series of required overnight retreats in the fall semester (October 10-11, November 14-15, and December 4-5). 
While in Brazil, we will work almost every day on community development projects, probably including ecological work, participation in programs for youth, and building and construction. 
The course itself will involve production of multimedia presentations about the people we encounter. We will present these to the campus and surrounding community in the spring semester (2/11)

Shawny Anderson, Jesse Wheeler
Travel Dates: January 5-26
Dates on Campus: January 27-30


29ish said...

We are so proud of all of you and can't wait to hear about the work that you have done so far. Marie and Joey, We miss you already! Take lots of pictures, work hard and make someone smile today. :-) Lots of Love, Momma and Daddy ( Cacciatore)

29ish said...

The Blogs was a name of a Rockford Band I use to be in...........We made up songs as we were on stage. One song was named "I Want to Hold Your Hand". Some think the Beatles wrote it but that is not true..We did and the Beatles stole it from us. I'm still upset. Hope all is well in Brazil.. Love u Marie and Joey.

Anonymous said...

Felicia, we wonder if the local/native people have songs you can record some from any events there? You guys have a recorder with you in trip?
Be always safe and healthy!


Rennu Dhillon said...

Great job guys, the kids look adorable. Let me know if you want any musical CD's, give me an address and I can federal express kids cd's for you to give the kids.
We miss you Shanee,
Rennu, Gill, Sheena

Karina said...

Hello Everyone,
I just finished looking and reading all of your blogs. It looks like you are all have a great time! The kids look so beautiful,I would love to be doing what you all are doing. I wish you all well and keep smiling! Speical hello to Erik! Miss you...and take care..

Love always,